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We provide our clients with high expertise, knowledge and experience in FMCG/CPG FOOD & BEVERAGE , which has a direct impact on time effectiveness and gives a guarantee of a right made investment. These are the strengths that define our company’s mission while working with our partners and clients. Exceptional knowledge and professionalism is what distinguishes our company in our extensive experience with North American, Central European, Australian, and New Zelandian markets. Furthermore, we have a wide database of FMCG/CPG manufacturers both in Europe and the USA. We are effectively able to introduce new European products into the US market, as well as, new American products into the European market.

Our work is supported by two experienced marketing agencies, BWA Marketing Agency and Cocktail Creative Marketing and Advertising. BWA Marketing Agency located in New York City, NY, designs and re-develops product concepts geared to meet American standards. Cocktail Creative Marketing and Advertising, located in Warsaw, Poland, works closely with us to maintain a detailed knowledge of the European market, including consumer behaviors. As a result of the close partnership between Hudson-NAS with both marketing agencies, BWA (USA) and Cocktail Creative (Poland), we are able to generate a mutual advertising medium that appeals to both American and European Consumers. BWA and Cocktail Creative are very innovative in forming shared advertising communications.

Our joint team brings forth an extraordinary knowledge and experience of both the US and European markets. We can also coordinate any logistic needs (Freight, Product Shipments, Return Services) and sales management (contact with brokers, buyers, promotional schedules and activities as well as marketing activities). Our Company was built by a highly qualified team of experts with extensive years of experience managing companies in FMCG/CPG FOOD & BEVERAGE in the category of International sales. Our professionalism and knowledge is the key to the success of our customers. The success of our customers becomes a great accomplishment for us as well. One of our additional services is building a communication between supermarket chains that are looking to launch a private label item or are seeking potentially new diverse products, and manufacturers that are leaders in that particular segment.

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